2017 Membership Fees and Annual Dues

All membership applications must be approved by Woodlake CC Corp. prior to closing.

*Initiation Fee:    $12,500.00

For all purchased property without a transferable membership.

*Transfer Fee:    $7,000.00

For all purchased property with a transferable membership.
This includes gifted, inherited and family transferred property.
Above fees to be paid at closing plus first month’s dues.

Premier Gold  $142.59/mo. – $1711.08 yearly
Unlimited Golf, Membership in the applicable Golf Association, Club charging privileges. Beach and Volley Ball privileges, Pool, Fitness Center and Social Activities. Private golf cart usage privileges available with payment of annual fees, Members Lounge. Guest Rate: $34. Member cart rate $25
Premier Gold Single $123.17/mo. – $1478.04 yearly

Membership is available only for an individual who is unmarried and has no children
or other dependents residing within the home. Club charging privileges.
Private Cart Usage Fee:  $75.27 per month, $903.24 per year
Cart Lease Usage Plan:  $75.27 per month, $903.24 per year
Social  $90.76/mo. – 1,089.20 yearly
Pool, Fitness Center, Members Lounge, Social Functions, Beach and Volley Ball privileges and Social Activities. Club charging privileges. Member rate for golf: $45 Mon-Thursday $50 Friday-Sunday & Holidays

Rack Rate for Golf, Club Charging Privileges.
Transitory   $36.24 monthly $434.87 yearly Multiple Lot Owner $272.20 per lot yearly
For property owners who have not yet built on their lot. NO club charging privileges. Owners of multiple lots must maintain at least a social or higher membership on one lot to be eligible.

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2017 Membership Application

Membership Rules and Regulations

Membership Categories 

  • Membership categories must be chosen annually before January, for the upcoming year.
  • Upgrading of membership may be done at any time during the year; however, the difference in year-to-date dues between the old and new membership category must be paid in full at the time of upgrade.
  • Downgrading to another category of membership may be done only at the time of annual renewal

Member Account Responsibilities 

  • All Membership charges are due and must be paid in full by the thirtieth of the month.
  • If a member’s account is not paid in full by the due date, the due amount shall incur a 5 percent late charge for each month the balance is not paid.
  • If a delinquent account is not paid in full within 60 days from the due date, charging privileges could and shall be suspended.
  • A suspended member will not be entitled to use the club or charge privileges during such suspensions but will be required to pay his/her membership dues.
  • Any membership for which the account is not paid in full within 90 days
  • from the due date could and shall be terminated. The outstanding amount due before termination remains due and payable.
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